Thursday, February 3, 2011


I cannot believe how BIG he is getting!
I took Owen to school on the first day and when we got out of the car so I could get a picture I was surprised by the emotions that hit me. Owen is in JR HIGH. All that kept running through my mind was what JR HIGH was like for me. And yes I was scared to death. I know Owen is a really smart boy and I only hope that he will remember that when he is tempted with anything. I thought JR HIGH was bad when I was there but some of the things I hear now make me worry like crazy. So far Owen is loving it and doing very well. I only hope that the next two years will go by really slow because I do not think I can handle him going to HIGH SCHOOL and DRIVING! Why cant our kids stop growing now???

Big Lake August 2010

This summer Austin parents took on a summer job as camp hosts at Big Lake. We got to go and stay a night with them and had such a good time catching crawdads and just hanging out with the family with no cell phone service. The view was amazing!!


this year we all roped in the 2nd annual Bradley Dean Williams Memorial Bennefit Team Roping! We had a great time, Austin won a buckle and about $700 and Owen roped good too but didnt win any until it came to the Dummy roping and he was on his game and won the buckle! He was so excited and now cant wait to win one in a real roping!
Heres a picture of Owen with one of the pigs he is raising for the County Fair.
They both look alike and their names are Daisy and Jenny Dean!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am still here...

I have so much catching up to do but am so glad that all my fellow bloggers have not been as bad as I have about posting, I love reading your blogs and seeing your pictures and I promise to try and do better, here's one post to show I am going to try. Happy New Year Everyone!

Mt. Blady, August 2010

In August 2010, my dad took me and my kids to ride up Mt. Baldy.
It was a day filled with gray clouds that made me really nervous. I did not want to get stuck on top of Mt. Baldy in a thunder storm. Luckily we made it with only a few sprinkles and the kids all had a blast. I hope we can go again next year. The top picture is the end of our ride.
The horse trailLove the view and the kids!

So sweet!

Stopping for lunch

Heading out

Me and Gracie holding up the rear!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

July 4th Parade and Rodeo!!!

Our float for Mountain Blossom
Mom, me, Dana, and Tyler

Owen on the Linden Duster's 4H floatGage far right
Gracie with her friend Jaycee

My cousin Wyatt winning the bareback riding at the Rodeo!

My brother RH and his wife Colleen at the Rodeo

A little bit of clown and bull action

Austin and I

Cali Trip June 2010

First stop Bubba Gump Shrimp!!
Petting sharks @ Long Beach Aquarium

Nat, Gracie and Gages hand, loving the sting rays!


Kaylee caught a pigeon, Rodney told her he would pay her $50, but I don't think he has.
Gage is trying to catch one too!

The Queen Mary

Light house on Long Beach
Getting all the kids anchored!!
Gracie at Knott's Berry Farm
this is the only pic I got because my camera battery died.
We had so much fun. I rode rides I never thought I would have with Austin and I am glad I did. It was a lot of fun even though one of the rides had a malfunction and stopped right as we were starting up an incline and all the workers hurried up and told us not to worry, yeah right we were getting ready to go upside down and Lupe de lus. We were a little scared, but it all worked out all right. We had a great trip with mom and dad and Trina's family.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Linden Duster's Duster Day 4H Showdeo

Owen giving his demonstration on Proper Hat Care. He was still recovering from his accident so he wasn't able to ride in the Showdeo.
Gage running barrels on Rooster

Gracie running barrels on Rooster

Grand Canyon Field Trip

In May I was able to go with Owen on a field trip to the Grand Canyon.
I haven't been there since I was probably his age and I had forgotten just how breathtaking and beautiful it is. We came within 30 ft of some elk and they were so use to people they just stood there. After we rode the train from the Grand Canyon to Williams and they had a musician for entertainment as well as some robbers which stopped the train. We had a great time and I love getting the chance to spend the the day with Owen. If you haven't seen the Grand Canyon it is a must.

Boarding our Train
Me, the Musician and Mrs. Howard, Owens teacher

One of the robbers
At the train station in Williams